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At Novus Via Technologies, we are a nationwide IT direct placement service provider. Our sole focus is IT staffing, which gives us a powerful advantage over other providers in the industry.

Other advantages you’ll enjoy by working with us include the following.

We Understand IT and HR

We have built a team that is made up of experienced professionals from the worlds of HR and IT. So we understand what to look for in the best possible IT candidates and what it takes for a fast, smooth hiring process that works for both parties involved.

An IT Staffing Solution for Companies of All Sizes

Our list of past clients is diverse. It includes companies from just about every industry and of all different sizes. It also includes businesses at different stages of building their IT infrastructures. Many come to us with a large, pre existing IT infrastructures already in place. Others have come to us with only a small team of IT employees.

The process we use begins with first assessing your unique needs, so no matter where your company’s IT team is at, we can adapt and deliver results.

A Low, Predictable Placement Fee

One of the biggest problems facing companies in need of an IT staffing solution is the cost involved. The placement fee keeps many organizations from hiring the number of employees they really need because their budgets can’t handle the investment. Other companies have to forego the entire process for the same reason and take their chances hiring someone on their own.

At Novus Via Technologies, we only ever charge one amount for our placement fee. It’s 13% of an employee’s first year salary. That doesn’t change under any circumstance, so you can reliably predict what the placement is going to cost your company.

Also, compared to the industry standard of about 20%, our rate provides significant savings without sacrificing quality.

What Makes Our IT Staffing Solution Different

Aside from our low rates, we pride ourselves on being different from other staffing companies for a number of reasons.

Our Combination of HR and IT Professionals

For example, early on, we recognized that our competitors suffered from a sizable knowledge gap when it came to understanding how corporations operate. Our company solved his problem by bringing HR professionals onboard who appreciate how human resources works internally with IT to hire tech professionals.

Recruiting Passive Candidates

Most IT recruiters only choose from the pool of “active” job seekers. This greatly limits the number and quality of candidates they can provide their clients. If you’ve worked with another IT staffing company in the past and thought, “This is really it?” when you looked at the candidates they presented you with, that’s probably why.

We know how to dive into the pool of passive candidates, so we can provide our clients with outstanding applicants that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Understanding IT

As you probably know, IT isn’t the most accessible field for people who don’t work in it. We hired people with extensive experience in the industry so they know what to look for on behalf of our clients. Once again, if you’ve ever received candidates from an IT recruiter and wondered why they were recommended if their skills weren’t a good fit, this is probably why.

Our technologists are often even able to make recommendations to our clients after hearing about their needs so as to create an even better job description that will target only applicants who have the right credentials.

At the same time, they know how to “read between the lines” on candidates’ resumes to find those who would be good fits for our clients’ corporate cultures.

Our Process

We take a four-step process to recruiting the best possible IT professionals:


1. Sourcing

We utilize social media and data analytics to initially identify potential candidates.

2. Technical Screening

Our technologists carry out extensive screening to verify the technical skills of each candidate. As we don’t rely on non-technical recruiters for this critical step, it’s quick but efficient. These professionals know what to look for and add the human touch to the recruitment process.

3. Non-Technical Evaluation

After a candidate has met our client’s technical requirements, we verify their non-technical compatibility with the position. This may include aspects like compensation, company culture, location, schedule flexibility, company size, advancement preferences, learning opportunities, and more.

4. Present Qualified Candidates

We then present our client with qualified candidates, coordinate interviews, provide broker feedback, and assist in negotiating the chosen’s employee’s compensation.


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