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The first two words in our company name, Novus Via, are Latin for, “the new way.” We chose this name so it would serve as a constant reminder of the foundation for our company.

Much of how we approach IT staffing is the result of looking at what we saw other companies doing wrong and finding a “new way” of doing it better.

For example, our team is made up of experienced professionals from the worlds of IT and HR. This gives us a unique advantage because, when bringing together employers and job seekers, we understand relevant, technical credentials and what the company needs from an HR perspective.

The Novus Via Technologies Philosophy

As with technology, we believe that being the best possible IT staffing solution is only possible by constantly innovating and never falling back on tactics because they’re the status quo.

We also don’t think that staffing needs to be a short-term solution. By fine-tuning our search and sourcing processes and ensuring that they are carried out by experienced technologists, we have been able to create an efficient solution that actually saves our clients money without sacrificing quality. As our team is also made up of HR professionals, we can provide a smooth hiring process so our clients begin benefiting from their new employees right away.

A True Understanding of IT: Aside from our actual personnel, one of the biggest advantages we can offer our clients is that we focus solely on IT. So our understanding of this field supersedes that of our competitors. Clients never have to worry that we won’t appreciate their needs or the credentials of a particular candidate. Our technologists can even help you better understand your own requirements so you attract only the most qualified people.

A 13% Fee: That’s literally all we charge our clients – 13% on the employee’s first-year salary. The average in our industry is 20% and that includes many companies that don’t even specialize in IT staffing or have the unique combination of IT and HR professionals on staff.


Innovative Recruitment Methods: The reason we’re able to find these types of candidates is because we use a combination of robust social media tools and data analytics to search for them. Most IT staffing companies rely on old-fashioned, outdated resume databases for their searches.


Considering “Careers” Instead of “Jobs”: Before ever presenting a candidate to one of our clients, we vet them to ensure that they have the right skills and are ready for a strategic career move, not just a “job.” This extra step helps ensure long-term compatibility, so our clients aren’t dealing with constant turnover.

Recruiting “Passive” Candidates: Some of the best possible candidates aren’t actively looking for new jobs. They’re content where they’re at, but they could be convinced to go elsewhere. We make sure our IT recruitment efforts focus on both active candidates who are looking for work and passive candidates who aren’t but may be the perfect fit for your position. You never have to worry about missing out on such qualified candidates when you choose us as your IT staffing solution.


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