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Novus Via translated as “the new way” in Latin, became the foundation for our company. Our founders have spent the majority of their careers serving in HR and IT management capacities working directly with IT staffing companies to hire new employees.  They identified challenges while using these staffing services.  Many of the traditional staffing companies lacked a true understanding of the technologies required for an open IT position, which was reflected when they tried to “sell” unqualified candidates.  Additionally, our founders were frustrated with the enormously high placement fees they were charged. These experiences have given Novus Via a unique perspective into the IT staffing world as they experienced first-hand what does and does not work from the clients point of view. With a love for technology, the founders incorporated these findings to create a unique, successful IT staffing model.


Novus Via Technologies, LLC

18802 West 117th St.

Olathe, KS 66061




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