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There can be some roadblocks on the way to finding that perfect hire. The one that is going to make the perfect addition to your team and has all the skills your company needs. In today’s recruiting market finding talent is getting more difficult. This is even more accurate when dealing with more specialized and in demand skill sets like IT professionals. Here are several of the challenges HR teams are currently facing.

Finding Local Talent

Depending on the skillset a company is looking for, it may be difficult to find that talent in the city where the job will be located. This is particularly true if the company is not in a large city with a large tech presence.

Companies may have to determine whether they need to pay a relocation bonus to entice those employees to move. If additional money isn’t in the budget, companies will need to decide if they can alter the skills needed for the position.

Lack of IT Knowledge

Corporate HR teams are likely not solely focused on IT roles and may lack the knowledge of how to find this special type of candidate. They will likely also have trouble gauging the level of proficiency candidates have in each skill you are looking for.  Unless you have a dedicated technical recruiter with years of experience, it is likely they won’t be able to tell if some just knows what UNIX is versus whether they have used it extensively.

Salary Expectations

HR teams can have trouble with market value of IT candidates. Due to the demand of candidates in this industry that can command higher salaries. HR departments typically have predetermined salary bands that are done once a year and don’t take into account the current market demands.

This can cause issues when looking for a role if everyone that has the experience they are looking for is over the salary band.

Manager Frustration

Managers in the IT industry frequently don’t get that recruiting is not just posting a job and having dozens of qualified candidates applying within 48 hours. HR departments run into frustration from managers on why it takes so long to find candidates and then when they do get candidates they may have three resumes instead of the ten they want.

Communication and education on the IT recruiting process can help this issue, but the HR team needs to be able to articulate the hurdles they are facing.

Inaccurate Job Descriptions

As Fast Company points out, HR teams are dealing with the job descriptions that managers provide them. Often they are given descriptions that are either too vague or too detailed. The best thing an HR team can do is sit down with the hiring manager to understand exactly what they are looking for and then update the job description to actually reflect that.

Otherwise you will either have unqualified applicants you are wasting time on or deter candidates who are actually qualified.


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