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Business owners need cybersecurity professionals to prevent hacking, thefts and viruses on their hardware and software. It is common that many businesses keep much of the company’s data on computers, and for good reason they constantly worry about confidentiality. Even though most businesses realize the importance of cybersecurity, hiring new employees can still be challenging. Here are some helpful tops to ensure that your HR personnel is able to hire the most talented individuals for your computer security team.

The Types of Careers

Cybersecurity analysts manage all aspects of the computer system from potential threats to secure data transmissions. They provide daily support, stay updated on the latest security technologies and propose new policies.

Engineers design and build solutions from the ground up. Security engineers develop and apply new technologies to secure computers. Healthcare or financial services companies may hire engineers to build stronger firewalls or networks.


After the Engineers and analysts have been employed, there may be areas where additional specialization is necessary for your business. Being too general is a common mistake with many employers. For example, a company that has had online hacking problems before should consider specialists in networking instead of general analysts. Because fewer professionals specialize in these different areas, considering remote or temporary workers might be a solution to meet your businesses individual cybersecurity goals. Some cybersecurity specialists can even assist in evaluating businesses security vulnerabilities.

Job Interviews

To find the best employee, the interviewer must create customized and personalized questions that avoid fluff like “what assets will you bring to the company?” The interviewer must prepare a list of questions that they can only ask cybersecurity experts in alignment with the businesses cybersecurity goals. They should ask about specific projects that were completed or special technologies that were used.

Most importantly, make cybersecurity a company priority. For current employees and new employees alike, make it known that cybersecurity is important for the success of the company. Hold employees accountable by creating a manual with tips and security policies that they must sign as acknowledgement. By working together on cybersecurity, it will not only help keep your business protected, but make the process easier for your cybersecurity team.


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