Novus Via Technologies Offers a Unique IT Staffing Solution 

Finding the right IT staff for your company’s unique needs can be a challenge. This is especially true when the need arises suddenly and there’s no time to waste.
Unfortunately, this can be so difficult to do that many companies end up hiring the wrong person for such an important role. This can happen even after working with an IT recruiter.

Novus Via Technologies set out to solve this problem. Our IT staffing solution is different than any other currently offered. No matter what your company needs in an IT professional, you can rest assured that our one-of-a-kind process will have no trouble finding them.

How It All Works

We work with companies of all sizes and from every industry. By working closely with our clients, they’re assured that they can move forward with our process in full confidence that they’ll be happy with the results.

Here’s a summary of how our IT staffing solution works:

Contact Us

After you explain to us what your IT staffing needs are, we will review your company’s open position(s) to ensure we completely understand what the role entails before we begin sourcing and screening. This will also include working with you to create the best possible market search specification so you’re able to compete for the best employees.

Research Your Best Options

Next, our team will create a detailed analysis of your company’s industry and marketplace. We will also discretely explore your current options for exceptional candidates.

Qualifying and Evaluations

We know your time is precious, so before we ever put any candidates in front of your company for review, we will first go about qualifying the pool of potential candidates. Then, we will evaluate them against the job description we created in step 2. Our evaluation will also involve assessing if they would be a good cultural fit for your company and compatible for a long-term placement.

Interview and Selection

Finally, we will provide your company with a summary of our findings, so you can decide whom to interview. At that point, we will coordinate these interviews on your behalf and ensure that only the most qualified candidates out of the total are presented.

Have Your IT Staffing Needs Met

Finally, when you’ve made your decision, we’ll facilitate negotiations, which helps ensure high placement and acceptance rates. We will also follow up with you in the future to confirm both parties are happy with the arrangement.

Advantages of Our IT Staffing Solution

For clients looking to hire, the main advantages of working with Novus Via Technologies are:


  • Quick turnaround time
  • Technologists that understand the IT industry
  • Access to highly-qualified, hard-to-find “passive” candidates
  • A standardized pricing model and process
  • Facilitation of the communication between employers and candidates
  • Assistance in negotiating employee compensation
  • A lower placement fee compared to traditional IT staffing companies (20% vs. 13%)

Why a 13% Placement Fee? 

If you’ve considered other IT staffing solutions, then you know that the standard rate that companies pay is 20%.  So you may be wondering how we’re able to drop ours all the way down to 13%.  It’s because we specialize only in the IT direct-placement service space, which means we’ve been able to fine-tune the process we use down to a science.  Our company doesn’t focus on how many candidates we can place. We focus on placing quality candidates that truly meet our clients’ needs.  As we thoroughly vet every one of our candidates for the technical and non-technical requirements of a position, we also cut down on time. Our company doesn’t have to worry about massive overhead because of a large number of failed placements.


So if you’re in need of qualified IT employees, Novus Via Technologies is ready and waiting to help.


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