A New Approach to Finding & Hiring IT Talent 

Our team is ready to connect you to great IT Talent.  We utilize our proprietary data analytics solution to customize a talent search based on your unique business needs.  Let’s get started today!

How It All Works

In just a few simple steps we can start the process of finding your next employee!

Employers - Contact Us

By filling out our easy online request form, we can start the process of finding new IT professionals for your business.

Speak with a Representative

After a request is received, a Novus Via representative will follow up with you shortly. This is a chance for us to clarify any questions and to learn more about your business. If we jointly decide to move forward, we will begin our process for finding your next employee.

See Results

Novus Via will use its proprietary data analytics solution and process to find you the most qualified IT professionals. By having in-depth conversations with both the employer and the candidate, we will create more compatible matches beyond the basic job qualifications. After potential employees are identified, we will present resumes, coordinate phone and in-person interviews, and help negotiate salaries to make the hiring process as easy as possible.

Our Advantages

As a Novus Via partner you will receive benefits such as:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Technologists that understand the IT industry
  • Access to highly qualified, hard-to-find candidates
  • A lower placement fee compared to traditional IT staffing companies
  • A standardized pricing model and process
  • Facilitate the communication between employers and candidates
  • Assistance in negotiating employee compensation


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